Core Values

It’s Who We Are

At SilverEdge, we know that people are our brand. That’s why it was so important to carefully select a set of core values that exemplify who we are, and how we do business.


We keep it real! We prioritize our employee experience with flexible work environments, high value mission work, social engagement, internal mobility and development opportunities, and enduring careers.


We are founded on the belief that nurturing talent and collaborating closely with our customers enables us to think big and deliver the best for our country.


We celebrate diversity of thought! We bring together unique viewpoints to tackle the most challenging problems with optimal results and bring about true innovation. We foster a work environment where all on our Team feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and being their authentic selves.


We stay on the edge. Our mission is to bring top technology talent together to solve the world’s most challenging problems while protecting the United States and our allies.


Because it matters! It means that we are trustworthy and reliable. We practice and encourage open and honest communication. We take responsibility for our actions. By prioritizing integrity, we form strong and resilient teams and create real, lasting growth.


We are radically agile! With a focus on operational excellence and agile streamlined processes, we make informed and timely decisions to craft winning solutions and provide the best possible work experience for our team. We focus on transformative growth that is scalable, sustainable, and repeatable.